This Monster Is WAY Bigger Than It Seems!

Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, Dr. Pimple Popper is delivering us a sack for our viewing pleasure. Not the one that happens on the football field…the ones that come at the end of gigantic pop!

Dr. Sandra Lee posted a video of the craziest monster cyst that carried with it a sack that is one for the records books.

“Forget football sacks, this is the sac of a lifetime!” the good doctor captioned the video.

And she is not kidding, not only does this baby have endless amounts of liquid gushing out of it…but the sac is not from this world!

You have to check out this video….it seems like it will never end. Fans of the show loved this pop and are showing it on social media…

“Nice! I prefer these sacs over football sacks any day!” one person commented.

Plus, the sac at the end is so impressive, it’s hard not to discuss how it looks…”I so love watching the cysts come squishing out. But there is something so satisfying when the sac comes out! It’s like ahhhh, I win!” a fan pointed out

As Thanksgiving approaches, football games are on a lot of our minds but whenever you hear the word “sack” coming from the TV, this is what you will remember. “I wish I could forget all the sacks in my football games this weekend. This helps,” someone wrote after watching it.

Here is how most popaholics felt about this massive pop, “Holy moly….what a treasure hunt!!!!”

You have to watch this video!