Interesting facts about healthy skin

Interesting facts about healthy skin

The skin is exposed to numerous stresses and strains – which is entirely in keeping with its task, as it protects us from the outside world. All the more reason to pay the greatest attention to it in daily life. With certain behaviors and measures you can effectively contribute to the health and well-being of your skin and help it to ward off harmful influences.



  • Avoid (frequent) peelings or facial toners containing alcohol
  • Choose cleansing and care products that are tailored to your skin type and any skin problems you may have.
  • Avoid extensive baths or excessively hot and long showers – these can draw moisture from the skin.
  • If you use mild, soap-free products with a skin-friendly pH value (approx. 5.5) for cleansing, the skin’s protective acid mantle is retained.
  • Adapt your skin care to the season.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet and make sure you drink enough fluids. Take care of yourself!

With healthy skin you look and feel better. That is why adapted, regular skin care is important to maintain a clear, radiant complexion. Despite a wide range of care products and aids, healthy, regular skin care does not have to be complicated. A few basic tips can simplify your daily skin care routine.

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