Flaming Hot Cheeto Cyst!


Dr. Pimple Popper has taken the food comparison to a whole new level…after she extracted a cyst that literally looks like a flaming hot cheeto!

The cyst, which is located right above this woman’s right eye has too be so painful.

“It’s Halloween and this pop dressed up as a Hot Cheeto!” the good doctor captioned the video.

But, we should first examine what in the world would come out of someones face that even resembled a cheeto. “The suspense! Wow, that one looked hard… What was it?” one person asked.

“Is this a pilar cyst like the kind we see frequently in the scalp?” another fan asked.

Yes it is! And for the record…a pilar cyst is “flesh-colored bumps that can develop on the surface of the skin. They’re sometimes called trichilemmal cysts or wens. These are benign cysts, meaning they typically aren’t cancerous. Although pilar cysts aren’t necessarily a cause for concern, you may find them uncomfortable,” according to wikipedia.

In the video, Dr. Sandra Lee cuts this baby out of her face, and when she lays it down on the table…

Bam! Flaming Hot Cheeto!

The reactions are as always the best, “Secret hot sauce bean!!!!” one fan said. “Looks like a spicy peanut,” another pointed out.

Again, the food thing is so hard to swallow when watching this, but we just can’t stop.

“Soooooo happy I finished my lunch, subway with FLAMING HOT CHEETOS, before I saw this,” one smart fan pointed out.

How much did that hurt? “Eyebrow pimples are the worst, I can’t imagine how painful and annoying this must have been,” someone said which is so true….

We agree with this person who thought it may be an actual chip. “I totally thought it was a Cheeto ’til I saw who was asking.”

Fried cyst seasoned with hot cheeto powder anyone!