Blackheads Are Sometimes Bigger Than They Appear!

Dr. Pimple Popper normally deals with the biggest and the and the ugliest blackheads to ever show their face, but in this case, a little something turns into a great big ol’ something!

“Things in pop vision are bigger than they appear!” Dr. Sandra Lee captioned this video. She was not kidding…at the surface you can barely see this blackhead, but when she puts the squeeze on this baby you see how much punch it is actually packing.

Keep your eyes open, the good doctor attacks a second blackhead next door at the end!

Fans of the show love to comment after seeing a good pop. In this case, Dr. Pimple Popper answered one of the questions that came in…and it is a good one.

Question: “Sometimes people come in with a specific and obvious issue but do people just come in for you to seek and destroy whatever is on their body? I’m not sure I would have even noticed that one.”

Dr. Lee answered the comment, saying, “Hi! People with lipomas and cysts tend to come in specifically for the reason, as they are more noticeable. However, I also may be conducting a full-body skin cancer exam, or other procedures, and notice something or a patient mentions they have a little something in passing! Just depends.”